Our senses
Our instincts
Our imagination
Are always a step ahead
Of our reason

– Octavio Paz


My work is evolving into a meditation on the generative potential in creation.  An energy.  For me the process involves a constant struggle to let go of my internal chatter to allow for a shift into a space of receptive quiet, to be in a place or state of not knowing. And through that act of separation I find my work is moving into a place of interconnection.

My current drawings result from the incessant repetition of a specific circular form. As each circular form is repeated it connects to the previous one in a specific way that ultimately creates an entire interconnected field. This field holds the potential for a different form or movement to emerge whose essence is and will be that of the interconnected field.  For me, moving in this space gives rise to thoughts of matter, energy, time, the universe, the tiniest of particles.

James Baldwin eloquently stated that each of us has only one story, and that we must “find a way of telling it until the meaning becomes clearer and clearer, until the story becomes at once more narrow and larger, more and more precise and more and more reverberating.”

Some of us must first search for that story. This is my work. Each piece, guides me, teaches me, leads me to the next step, however incremental, perhaps to discover or uncover what is already there. Creation as the act of revelation.